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As a culture, we like to focus on the beginnings of relationships- the first date, proposal, bridal shower and wedding. But after marriage, many couples find themselves utterly on their own. When was the last time someone asked you how your long-term relationship was going?

We may feel that the person we pick will heal our wounds and that our relationship will be immune from the common pitfalls that other couples experience. In truth, we tend to pick a person who will scratch at those wounds and bring some of them to the surface.

Our blueprint for marriage comes from our upbringing. We easily fall into familiar patterns passed down from generation to generation. Some of these patterns can be disruptive and painful.  For many couples, there is very little guidance on how to navigate long-lasting relationships in a healthy, intimate and connected way. 

Couples therapy is an opportunity to understand these patterns, let go of losing strategies, and learn healthy relational skills. While couples work can be challenging, it can also make a difference in both your emotional and relational well-being. Making healthy changes is a gift to both you, your partner and the generations that may follow you. 

I can be reached at or 860-231-1282

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