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Couples Therapy

    "Intimacy is a minute-by-minute practice." ~Terry Real

Couples therapy can be daunting for people. It usually takes years of experiencing relationship stressors for couples to take the plunge and call a therapist. Taking that  first step can feel like one of the hardest parts of the process.

Relational Life Therapy (RLT), developed by Terry Real, is based on the concept of full-respect living.  RLT work is about working on ourself, not our partner. This practice involves learning how to hold ourself and our partner in warm regard while we move through the challenges that arise in our relationship. 

As a Certified Relational Life Therapist (RLT), I teach couples how to practice full-respect living both in and out of our sessions. The work goes deep quickly, identifies the origins of the patterns, challenges the effectiveness of these behaviors and offers an alternative way of being together lovingly and handling conflict with finesse. 

Choosing a couples therapist is often harder than picking an individual therapist because both partners need to feel that the therapist is a good fit. The couples therapy I do is not "neutral" therapy. I will be honest and respectful about what I see and offer guidance for forward movement in healing and making changes.  I practice full-respect living, even when sharing hard truths with my clients. If you are interested in this work,  please contact me for more information.

I can be reached at or 860-231-1282

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